Odd Future on MTV's RapFix.

Check out this segment of MTV's RapFixLive with the one and only Odd Future. I usually wouldn't post something like this but after watching this  less than 45 minutes video in it's entirety, I just had to comment. 

This has to be one of the worst yet epic interviews I have ever come across. This interview just really effected me as a blogger and as someone who is interested in doing (and currently does) interviews with music artists. I think for every aspiring media professional, whether you want to be a blogger, TV host, magazine editor, etc, you should conduct an interview with OF to get like your official stamp of approval to do it professionally. I've probably seen/heard about 95% of the interviews any and all members of OF has done and they truly can bring out the best or the worst in the interviewer. In this case, they brought out the worst in the MTV interviewer. 

He could just not hang. He had like no control of the interview, he let them make him look dumb as fuck, and he just looked freaked out the whole time. It literally seemed like the interviewer didn't know shit about OF at first, and like the night before the interview, someone gave him a fact sheet on OF and he memorized it. Then the next day, was like,"Okay, I know the facts! Let's do this!". Like interviews don't work like that, especially not interviews with the wild, spontaneous Wolf Gang. Like how is it that niggas were just gradually leaving the interview or not really speaking at all in it? The interviewer should have really done his research and like google'd other interviews done with the collective to get a feel of how that shit is done. I'm not a fan of Peter Rosenberg, but that dude holds his own whenever he interviews OF. But this interview was just down right embarrassing for the interviewer. He should leave this one off his resume.

On the flip side, this shit was epic! Not only was I literally in tears from laughing so hard because these niggas are off the wall but it really made me appreciate their "we're not your average celebrities" ways. Odd Future never puts on an act, like this is how they are naturally. You can put them in any setting and they will be as out of control, ratchet, and dgaf as they can be. In the midst of the craziness, somehow they are still able to express themselves and their work, and answer the questions that deserve to be answered. I also have to give a lot of props to Tyler for calling MTV out on that Get In The Game bullshit thing. Like it's just wrong to put both the interviewing artists and the up and comers in those awkward positions. Like it's just a fucked up concept in general, I don't why MTV thought that shit was cute. Also, Tyler went in on MTV for showing other people's videos when the interview should have mainly been about Odd Future. Which goes back to my point of the Get In The Game thing being bullshit. But OF interviews are always intriguing and enjoyable. Love these niggas. 

When dude asked Mike G about Loiter Squad and Tyler was like,"He's not even in it!" I fell off my bed. 

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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