Song #2.

New music from producer, Madeaux titled Song #2! The track features vocals from Ray J. It's an older track Madeaux pull out of his vault of tracks and remastered and mixed. I thought his description for the track was really interesting, so check it out below:
I wanted to give you a little background into this song because I feel like it's fun when you can connect with the music you listen to on multiple levels. I wrote this song for my girlfriend a long time ago but I never finished it. Whenever we would talk and I'd tell her about new stuff I was working on she'd always ask "What about song #2?" When I had sent her the song awhile back I just titled the mp3 song #2 because I had no concrete titles thought up yet. What I want to ask of all you listening is, what would you call this song? What does it make you think of? Post what you think in the comments below. I'd love to know your ideas.
The track is available for download, here! Enjoy people!!!

For more Madeaux, check out:!/MadeauxOfficial

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