Throwback Of Es: One More Chance.

Today, March 9th 2012 marks the 15th anniversary of the day we lost one of the greatest emcees to ever touch the mic, Notorious B.I.G. I know we are all hearing the DJ mixes on the radio, the magazines doing discussions, and some of the people who knew him reminiscence on Twitter. I was only 6 (going on 7) when B.I.G was killed but I still remember him in his prime and the aftermath that followed his death. I can't believe it's been 15 years already but I'm glad that after all these years, people still talk about him and play his music so that his legacy lives on. 

Everyone has their favorite Biggie song and I have to say that One More Chance is definitely one of mine. It was my shit back when I was a little wild child running around the streets of Pawtucket, RI blasting KIX 106 from the boombox and it still is till this day. And I always loved this video cause it had all the amazing women I grew up listening to. Mary J.Blige, Da Brat, Total, Aaliyah, and of course his better half, Faith Evans. And plus I know like all the words, crazy huh? Lol So even though today reminds us of our loss, let's continue to celebrate his life and play the music that he left us. 

Forever in our hearts and headphones, Rest In Peace Biggie.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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