XXL's 2012 Freshmen Class Cypher: Pt.1.

Rather than doing individual freestyles like previous years, XXL put this year's Freshmen into two cyphers to spit some bars. Part 1 features Hopsin, Future, Danny Brown, MGK, and Roscoe Dash. And they got DJ Whoo Kid on the 1's and 2's. 

Umm... I'm actually a little lost for words, which is very unusual for me. I think I'm just so over this Freshmen List shit, nothing about it excites me anymore. The only emcees that I enjoyed in this cypher were Danny Brown and MGK. They killed that shit. And whenever MGK is put into a cypher, he makes sure you remember him-remember him in the BET Hip Hop Awards cypher? Yea, he's built for this shit. And Danny Brown and his voice kinda forces you to pay attention but his rhymes are hilarious, so it's enjoyable. Not all emcees are meant for cyphers, in example Future and Roscoe Dash. And Hopsin just annoys me. Probably because I'm too much of a Odd Future fan. But yea, here's part 1 people, enjoy? Lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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