AKA Dave Ruffin.

New mixtape from Dave Raps titled AKA Dave Ruffin! This is Dave's second all original music release and it's all Dave no features. Project is based off the "lovely" personality of the one and only Dave Ruffin of the Temptations. 

So after many videos, we get the project and I am hype! Dave really did his thing on this project. Definitely hear his hungry as an emcee on these tracks. He has stepped it up since his last project. And the production is pretty lavish and intense, love it! This project is really about enjoying some dope ass tunes. So if you're tired of the radio and all the bullshit on it and all this other rappers giving you the same ol' shit, get into Dave Raps' AKA Dave Ruffin. You're welcome.

Dave Raps' AKA Dave Ruffin
8/10 dope points

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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