Azealia Banks x Coachella.

Check out this footage from Azealia Banks' Coachella set that happened recently. Banks is getting rave reviews for her high energy performance. With just a DJ and two voguin' dancers, Azealia made sure she worked the stage and left her mark on the big festival. She rapped and rapped and rapped some more as if she was rapping to save the world. With her makeup running and luscious purple weave, she killed it. I have to give it to her, she's one hell of a performer. I think female emcees can be some of the most boring performers ever, so to see her kill it at Coachella like this is refreshing. Really dope set, everyone watch this. 

And on another note, I was still a bit mad with Banks for brewing up that beef with Iggy Azalea but after watching this video, I got over it. But I will say this, Azealia and Azalea, yall keep doing you and don't you worry about the next person. Both of yall are killing it right now and you need to keep that up. One got the cover of top Hip Hop magazine, the other got Coachella-yall both doing a lot more than most of your male counterparts. So don't be like girls at a playground, picking at each other. Keep doing what you need to do to stay on top and to show people women are STILL just as dope at this rap shit than men are. Girl Power.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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