Eat Your Vegetables.

New music from Childish Gambino titled Eat Your Vegetables! Fresh from his release of his project, CAMP, Gambino decided to drop a new gem for the people. This is a different style from Gambino. He decided to get back to his Southern roots style wise and also put on for his hometown of Stone Mountain, GA! DAT MOUND! Sorry, a little too excited about him repping for us. ...ZONE 6! Anyways, CG is known for his infamous, o-m-g inducing punchlines and this track has plenty of them. There's even one about Trayvon Martin-too soon? Too soon. Other than that though, this track goes in. The production is pretty fuckin ill too. Donald, we need more of this. And don't stop repping the Mound. Enjoy everyone!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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