The Feng Shui Experiment.

Check out this trailer for a new documentary from OF's The Internet titled The Feng Shui Experiment. Documentary will be done by Brass and will document Syd and Matt as they move to ATL and work on their new EP. Also, the duo will give us a insider look at the music industry through the eyes of upcoming artists and the things they have to go through to get their music to the masses. 

I'm a huge supporter of OF and I really appreciate Syd and Matt not only as artists but as people as well. I think this doc is going to be dope as fuck and I think it's needed. I'm posting this not only to tell yall the new new with The Internet but I'm aware that many upcoming artists check out this blog on the daily, so I def want yall to be aware of this project. And when the documentary and EP drop, I'll be sure to let yall know. But I am genuinely excited about this and I will be donating to this doc and EP cause Based God knows, I love The Internet and their music.

For more information on the documentary and how to help out, check out:

Golf Wang.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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