The Ides Of March.

Check out this EP from GA emcee, Cooley Savant titled Ides Of March! Artist features include Judah Akeem, Donn O'Day, and Zae Juelz. Also includes production from brandUn DeShay, Bluntgutsnation, Rob Fel, and Brock Berrigan. It's her second project and the concept is based off the story of Julius Caesar and duality. 

This is the my first encounter with Cooley Savant and her music and I must say I am truly impressed. This EP is legit. Her flow and lyrical content is on point and I love the concept of the project. The vibe is little and airy, which makes this feel good music. This EP was well done. The fact that I knew very little about her but felt like I learned about her through her music says something. I appreciate when female artists, especially emcees, stay true to themselves and not feed into the sterotypes of what a female artist should be. This is music everyone can enjoy and I think it's perfect for this spring/summer season. This EP deserves a complete, all tracks listen from everyone. Excited to hear more from Cooley. 

Cooley Savant's Ides Of March EP
8.8/10 dope points

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