Jungle Fever.

Check out this new EP from Chicago to ATL emcee, Pharoh titled Jungle Fever! Artist features include SUBMiT, K.Camp, Ukan, and Ezzie. Production is done by Heval Kelli. 

Been waiting on this project for too long! Very excited it's finally here and it is exactly what I needed! Dope conceptual EP with unique, ill production and an emcee rapping circles your favorite rapper. Pharoh has worked hard on this project and it shows in the music. The concept was relevant in all of the tracks and I love the movie interludes too, dope touch. I appreciate the bonus tracks too. That H.O.O.D joint?-bruh! Oh, and I still can't get over Heval Kelli's production, it's fucking magical! Pharoh has definitely stepped it up as an emcee from previous projects. His growth as an artist isn't something that should be overlooked. Jungle Fever brings a brand new flavor for your ears and iTunes. Don't sleep on Pharoh cause you don't want to look stupid when he blows up and you were already informed about him. Cop Jungle Fever and get infected!

Pharoh's Jungle Fever EP
9/10 dope point

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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