Steps Towards Darkness.

New mixtape from GA emcee, Steve Cantrell titled Steps Towards Darkness! Artist features include Alil Silliw, DJ Corbett, and Manofias. Please, give me a late pass on this! I don't even know how I missed this one! But I glad it's here!

Steve Cantrell is definitely one of those artists who is bringing meaning back to music. This is not just music for the bitches. This is music to relate to and to be inspired and motivated by. Also, Cantrell is an artist from the South proving that there is amazing talent down here. He has a everything needed to make a dope emcee. Sick flow, dope lyrics, good songs topics, and he's relatable. But in this day and age, even that's not enough. I think Steps Towards Darkness is for those who looking for something to feel. This project reminds me of Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor in the sense that when you listen to it, it makes you think and feel. And it's some damn good music. I appreciate the diversity in the tracks and I think the project has a good flow to it, vibe wise. This isn't Cantrell's first project, so he has obviously grown into a better artist and I think he's only gonna get better. Which is a problem for you fellow emcees. He differently has potential to be a force in the industry, he just has to stay true to himself and keep the grind alive. Shall his steps towards darkness will turn into steps towards greatness. 

Steve Cantrell's Steps Towards Darkness
8.0/10 dope points

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Big up to Trendy Williams! Thanks for keeping me up on Steve's music!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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