New mixtape from Philly's finest, Asaad titled #WHITE! Artists features include Walt Fraze, Wyo, and Tayyib Ali. Also includes production from DJ Nitro, Nascent & QB, Problem, Sunny Norway, and many more. 19 tracks of classic Asaad with a skit of his mom. Asaad not only gets you TU from his energy on the tracks, but he is able to stunt on you and spit some wisdom to you *in my Future voice* AT THE SAME DAMN TIME! As always, the production is amazing and epic! I think Asaad is one of the only emcees who can pull off numerous hook-less tracks that keep you engage the entire time of the song. I truly enjoyed this one. This is that real shit, which for some odd reason, we rarely get from Hip Hop nowadays. As you enjoy your last blunt, joint, or bong rip for the evening, play this and enjoy! "Shout out my nigga, Troy!" ...I don't even know Troy but I always wanted to end a blog post like that.

Asaad's #White mixtape
8.5/10 dope points

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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