Allow Es to re-introduce herself...

Hey people, Es here. Don't be alarmed because there wasn't a link to a song under the photo or a video in place of the photo. This is a post that is needed and really overdue. Now usually, I would do a vlog like I use to back in the day but since my webcam is shitty and I don't feel showing face right now, so you get these lovely words. I use to do this a lot actually. For those who have been following this blog for some years now, you may remember my Theories of Es series and other random writings on here. Good times. Well that brings me to why I am doing this post. Since then, a lot of people have gotten hip to this blog recently and may not know what it's really about, how I operate, or even who the fuck I am. So if you don't mind, allow me to re-introduce myself, I'm Es.

I'm a complex individual-aren't we all? But to sum me up right now, I would say that I am "an out of control dopegirl with internet access, sipping sweet tea".  Also a current dreamer and future legend. Probably wondering, what makes me all these things. Well, I'm out of control because I truly don't give a fuck, especially when it comes to my blogging. I don't let how others blog or expectations/stereotypes of bloggers affect how I blog, tweet, or anything else. I do me and no one or nothing can control me. I call myself a dopegirl because I see myself as someone who presents the people with dopeness. If I want you to read, listen, and watch everything I post, it better be dope! And I have high standards. It's nothing to brag about but it is what it is. I refuse to give you bullshit and there are plenty of blogs out there you can go and get bullshit if that's what you're in to. The "with internet access, sipping sweet tea" part is to be taken literal. Obviously, I have internet access and I am very, very addicted to sweet tea and Arizona teas and juice cocktails. I'm originally from Rhode Island, lived in Atlanta, GA for some time now and I'm in college. This is why I'm like a ratchet chick with a New England accent who rants about business law and ethics sometimes. So that's me.

Now let's talk about the blog. This blog is not meant to be a typical music blog. Hell naw. Yes, I post music-a lot of music. Music is my life but I love culture as a whole. There is a theme of dopeness on this site. Dope music, dope fashion, dope videos, dope people, -dopeshit! I post things that I like and because I like it, I want to share it with everyone. It's like when you find out about something new and you hit up your friends and tell them about it and you're all excited-same thing. You are those friends I hit up to tell about this new shit I found out about and I want you to check it out. Also, it may seem like I "review" everything I post. I can't really convince you that something is really good unless I say it is and tell you why, right? So I literally tell you what I got from it when I checked it out. Also, the people who's work I post like to read what I have to say. They actually welcome, genuine opinions. It helps them grow and improve their craft, which is always a positive thing. About 90% of what I post is submission based, meaning it was submitted to me. I like finding out about new and raw talent that has not been touched by the harsh ways of the industry. The music is raw, the people are pure and not manufactured-everything is just so real and it's easier to feel and relate to and simply, easier to enjoy! The other 10% is basically dopeshit that wasn't submitted to me directly and I really felt like you should pay attention to. Also, the original and exclusive content like the mixtapes and interviews I do.

Now for the talented people who send their work to me, let's talk.
First off, thanks for sharing your work with me! I appreciate it that you even think that I was worthy of experiencing it and allowing me to share it with others. Thank you! But let's be honest for a minute, you know more than anyone that not everyone will like everything you do, and that (unfortunately) includes me. There are people out there that I like one song from and one song only. While I like others' whole discography! So, please, PLEASE don't beg or try to "guilt trip" me into posting everything you send in. This really, really irks me. Yes, I posted your last song but that does not guarantee that I will post the next one. I can only convince others to check out and like something if I actually like it myself. So don't send the emails with the song a million times-I saw the first email. Don't continually ask me every hour of every day if I got it. And don't ORDER me to post it. Just submit it and let destiny do the rest-please!

Because for one, bloggers are not YOUR promoters. We blog. I know how this might seem confusing but there's a difference. Bloggers have preferences and they blog based off those preferences. Like for me, I focus on quality control more than quantity control. If I post one blog post a week or 100 posts-I want you to know that it's some really cool shit for you to enjoy. So I am not quick to post everything that gets sent my way. And plus, yall see how I blog, I need to actually have something to say about it. And I want it to be mostly positive. So when it comes to bloggers, if you ask them if they got your email and they say no, that's when you can send it again. If a blogger tells you,"I got you homie, I'll post ALL your shit, ALL the time!" Then yes, you can ask them why they didn't post your last video.

In essence, don't expect shit from bloggers. Don't even expect a retweet on Twitter. A relationship between a blogger and an artist (or any other creative person) can be a win-win situation if done right. But never expect anyone to do anything for you... especially bloggers. Bloggers are really nice people if you don't annoy them. Lol but yea, don't make me feel "obligated" to post ALL of your work because I just might not like everything you come out with. And if I don't like it and others don't like it-you know what you gotta do. Come harder next time and change people's minds. Also, respect the way a site operates and how the bloggers/writers work. Pay attention to their submission guidelines, be sure to send emails to the appropriate emails addresses, etc. The best way to get your music ignore is to NOT follow each sites guidelines. And if you don't follw their guidelines, the message it sends them is that you just saw their email and sent them a track and never actually checked out their site. Don't submit to sites you never actually checked out. Most sites generally have the same guidelines, so a email that has adequate info, links, and artwork should be good. Just always put your best foot forward and you will generally get positive results.

Speaking of creative people, I feel like people don't see bloggers as creative, but we are. Most of us, hopefully. But we continuously think of new concepts and ways to improve and stand out just like any music artist, fashion designer or photographer, etc. would. For me, I not only want you to be entertained by the content I'm posting but also by me. And I'm always thinking of ways to reach more people and ways to present things I like. For example, WeAreDope! Which is doing a lot better than I thought it would but you guys seem to really fuck with the series. So I gotta keep that going and again, "re-invent" it to be bigger and better. So see bloggers as creative people and respect their styles and the ways of their brand like you would with any artist. And if you see us in that light, we might make more sense to you and why blogs and their growth is important.

In conclusion, I'm Es, I'm complex, I blog what I like, respect the craft, and I do this for yall. I really do because I'm a people person and I like adding positivity and joy to people's lives and not take away from it. And I keep it 100% as often as possible because that's how it should be. If you read all of this, God bless your soul-I owe you a cupcake. And I hope this cleared a few things up for everyone. And hopefully, I didn't come off as a bitch, I'm just being honest and blunt- I mean no harm, just love. If you ever need to ask me something, submit something, or cuss me out (this ain't what you want, though), hit me up! I'm here, for everyone. Okay, done talking (typing rather).

Love, Peace, and Sweet Tea,

p.s. a post with updates on WeAreDope, this year's No Shade mixtape and more will be out soon. So look out for that.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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