Discovery of the Day: Carmen Amare.

DO NOT, I repeat, do not just get on this post and press play on the video-cause you are not even ready. Hear me out. I was fuckin' around on YouTube today and randomly got on a whole bunch of videos of female emcees. After seeing multiple videos of the expected shit from a lady rapper, I saw a video with the title "16 YEAR OLD FEMALE CARMEN AMARE 10 MINUTE FREESTYLE", and I'm thinking,"If she rapping for 10 damn minutes, she better be good!" To say that 16 year old, 5'10, long haired, green eyed, Philly reppin', rapping beast is good would be such an understatement and pretty much disrespectful to her talent. 

Carmen Amare really just altered my view of what a female rapper can be. She's so good that her being a teenage girl doesn't even matter anymore. I could see her going head-to-head with some of the best rappers in the game right now. Her wordplay is incredible. She has like 5 different flows for each of her ten fingers. Her vibe and energy is at a level like no other. She is an example of when "Beauty IS the Beast"! This video and another video of her doing a video dedicated to Tupac on the anniversary of his death are about the only videos of her out. She is very green to the game but with her talent, it seems like she crawled out of the womb spitting a hot 16 rather than crying like the rest of us. 

I can not believe no one has caught on to Carmen yet and drown her in a multi million dollar deal. It kinda makes the music industry seem like it's blind to true talent (maybe it is). I give Hip Hop... like a year and a half to catch on to Carmen Amare and all her greatness. And she's only 16 (fuckin') years old! Imagine how dope she'll be when she's like 21?! She will just kill careers. Fuck that, she's destroy legacies. The star potential is there, the legend potential is there. If I was a KanYe, Pharrell, Hov, Rick Ross, etc and I saw this video, I would be on the first flight to Philly to sign this girl. When she blows up, it a wrap for your favorite rapper. Hot damn-okay, now you press play. En-fuckin'-joy!

For more Carmen Amare, check out:!/Carmen_Amare

'Always More, Never Less'-Es

Comments said…
This girl is ILL af...n shes gettin alot of negativity saying shes trying to b Nicki ...even if she was there arent many rappers being themselves nowadays anyway...their all snippn or jackin somethn frm someone else.i was surprised as hell by her age myself. If she doesnt get signed itll be whats expected bcuz some of the illest rappers are those who are unsigned.let her become an independent artist with her own label.much success lil mami!

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