F ▲ I L U R E.

Check out this album from Cameroon born/Paris based producer, Mr.Bibal titled F ▲ I L U R E! Artist features include John Robinson, Black Spade, Wildchild, Tamara Saul, and more! It's like half album/ half beat tape, kinda. Mr. Bibal's style is describe as "GlitchHop". It's really new age and has sounds that sound like some of the first computers ever made but it still has that Hip Hop soul to it. FAILURE is really dope mood music in the sense that, you can be pissed off and then press play on this album and everything seems a-o-kay! I'm really feeling this album and as summer vacation is approaching, I think this will be the perfect soundtrack for many summer activities! Check it out and enjoy people! And word to Tamara Saul for sending this my way!

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