Lost in the World.

New video from Yeezus aka KanYe West for his song, Lost in the World featuring Bon Iver. It's off his latest solo album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Nightmare. Video features strobe effects, CGI type shit of "the city", distressed, lyrical dancers, clouds, and KanYe himself. And oh, it's all in grayscale. It's cool how the video is based more on the emotion of the song rather than the actual words of the song. I got that part. My favorite part is at the 3:47 mark, just cause of the way those dancers just went in on the bootleg African dancing. That shit was ill. It's a cool looking video even though we have seen much more epic visuals from Ye. Honestly, I could have done without a video for this song. This is one of those songs that is so high energy and epic on it's own that it doesn't need a video for it. Unlike how the video for A$AP Rocky's Goldie made me like the song even more, this video did the exact opposite for me when it comes to Lost in the World. Cause like I said, a video really wasn't needed. Video for Hell Of A Life or Blame Game would have been cool. I would like to see a visual interpretation of those songs. Welp, it's a new KanYe West video nonetheless, can we really complain?! In Yeezus We Trust. Enjoy.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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