Luger Lucy.

New music from ATL artist, Eccentric titled Luger Lucy. Eccentric is a rapper/producer who I met during A3C last year and he is just now sending me some material from him! But better late than never! From what I've heard from Eccentric so far, he has a very distinct sound and I can tell its very him after meeting and conversing with him. It's seems soft and simply at first but there's a kick and meaning to the words and how he delivers them. It's almost like spoken word on the sound equivalent of aurora lights. Oh look there, I cranked one of my extremely weird descriptions-haven't done that in a while! Lol But really, his music has a sense of erry-ness to it but it's a comfortable and it chills you out. It's different from a lot of music I'm hearing nowadays and I appreciate that. I hope Eccentric continues to refine his own unique sound because I definitely see the potential in it. Really nice shit right here yall. Enjoy!

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