Rich Kid.

New video from OnCue for his track, Rich Kid! Video is directed by Adam Ross and the track is produced by Brenton Duvall and CJ Luzi. Howwww the fuck did this gem slip right past me? This dropped at the top of the month and I'm just seeing it now. I'm mad at myself. BUT I seesss it now and I love it. Loved this track when he first dropped it, still fuck with it now. The video is ill! The editing is really sick and innovative. I love Cuey's videos because they are all very different but still got this Cuey feel to them because dude has such great presence. And if for whatever reason, after all the posts I've done on the guy, you STILL aren't familiar with OnCue-first, check yo'self before you wreck yo'self. Secondly, GET FAMILIAR! He's a fucking beast! And his latest project, Can't Wait still gets heavy rotation in my iTunes. Okay, check out the video-and watch it in 1080 HD to get the full effect.  Enjoy!!! ...and I really hope we get a video for New Religion-that would be EVERYTHING!
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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