New EP from the multi-talented Skye Townsend titled Vomit! Artist features include Karina Pasian, Chris O'Bannon, Micky Munday, and Wyann Vaughn. Seven tracks of Skye showcasing that amazing and powerful voice of hers. Also giving us amazing work through her songwriting skills. I have known of and appreciated Skye's existence and work and I'm glad she has an EP out to show people what she can do. She can give your favorite female artist a run for their money. The production on the EP is really progressive for R&B and refreshing. Skye's voice on it matches it well and it doesn't seem over powering. Lyrics and subject matter are relatable and not your typical "I love you/I hate you" R&B shit we usually get. I could wish Ms.Townsend much success, but with her talent and ambition, success will be hers regardless. Really amazing project right here. It will get plenty of plays on my iTunes. Check it out and enjoy people! GET'EM GIRL!

Skye Townsend's Vomit EP
9/10 dope points

Check out her latest video for her song, It's Normal off the EP!

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