Want To See A Sad Boy Smile? Pay Him.

The one and only, GREATeclectic has released his second book titled, Want To See A Boy Smile? Pay Him. ! The book features pieces from GREATeclectic's debut solo exhibition that was held in Atlanta. Here is more info on the book:
In Want To See A Sad Boy Smile? Pay Him, his second book, GREATeclectic's pieces are pastiches – whole in-and-of themselves but even more so in context of one another. Pop & Politics are alive and well-contented bedfellows in this world. The personal space stands as the preeminent public place of judgment. Shadows dance in rigid rhythmic formation with neon strobes. The entire world coalesces into a kaleidoscopic cultural landscape… where we are presented with our own selves from before the mass-mediated mirror of Pop life.
And in other words, its dope and you need it in your life! I am def getting a copy for myself and I might even get one for my sister to put in her apartment. GREATeclectic is the truth and just kills it in every art form. He's an icon in the making, so pay attention. Link to purchase the book and images of the book below!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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