New project from NJ emcee, Alvie the Skywalker titled Weds89! It includes 18 tracks and is entirely produced by Alvie. Artists features include Jimmy Astro, AbGoHard, Darryl J, and Bizniz. 

This is the first project I've heard from the Skywalker. Yern was a really dope track so I was looking forward to the whole project. I liked how he produced the whole 'tape himself because it definitely made the 'tape sound cohesive and not like a clusterfuck even though he touched on many different subjects. As an emcee, Alvie definitely is talented. Wordplay is dope, flow is dope as well. I really appreciate the honesty in his music and I think a lot of people will be able to relate to him easily because of that. Alvie is a man on a mission and has what it takes to be something major in the industry. Was I wow'd by the project? No, but I did enjoy it and that is important. I see the potential and he's still growing as an artist.  But for everyone in need of some fun yet gritty Hip Hop with some heart on their iPod, def cop Weds89!

Alvie the Skywalker's Weds89 
8/10 dope points

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