Weekend In Los Vegas.

New EP from Indiana emcee, G-Scott titled Weekend In Los Vegas! Artist features include GLC, Boldy James, Scolla, Matthew Gage, and many more. Also has production from DOM?, Big Duke, El Schmitty, BOOM, G-Scott himself and many more. This is G-Scott's first  release since beginning signed to Freddie Gibbs' label, Str8 Slammin'.

Been waiting for this to drop for the longest! I really love G-Scott because I've been following his grind for a while and his growth as an artist is amazing. He has improved greatly as an emcee and he has really refined his own sound. With Weekend In Los Vegas, I feel like G-Scott took us to a deep, dark side of his subconscious as an artist. It's like G-Scott in Wonderland. Even with the dark, twisted vibe to the EP, G-Scott still managed to gives us a little bit of everything. Party tracks, conscious tracks, epic tracks-and they all flowed well together. The artists features were worked well into the project as well. This is probably his best work yet, which is what I said about the last project. That goes to show you that he continues to improve and makes sure he gives you the best he has to offer. If you haven't heard anything from G-Scott before or did and wasn't really feeling it-you need to check this EP out. You won't be sorry you did.

G-Scott's Weekend In Los Vegas EP
9/10 dope points

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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