3 Min (Wo)Man.

New music from Brooklyn emcee, L.A. titled 3 Min (Wo)Man! It's off her upcoming project, LA Lytes. The track is produced by FreshNerd and Sigala. FreshNerd actually produced her entire project as well. This track is fire! It's thunder and lightning. It's that first rush of energy you feel after chugging an energy drink down your throat. It's rushing down that big  hill on a fast roller coaster-this track is amazing. Based off this one track, I can tell that L.A. is something special. Her wordplay, humor, and energy is the perfect recipe for and amazing artists everyone can't help to love. She reminds me of like Salt N Pepper and I love that! This shit is dope. Def going into my iTunes like right nowwww! Check it out people and enjoy!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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