Brand New Guy.

New video from A$AP Rocky for his track, Brand New Guy featuring Schoolboy Q! This track was one of the standout tracks from Rocky's mixtape, Live.Love.A$AP. Video is directed by Rocky and the ICU. The shot the video is the hometowns of the emcees, Harlem and over by Figueroa St. in LA. I am obsessed with this song, so when I saw that there was a video for it, I flipped! It's raw, it's street, -IT'S EVERYTHING! Rocky is such a creative and I love the little touches here and there throughout the video that made such an impact on the overall visuals. This video is fresh crack and word to the unity between A$AP and TDE, Hip Hop needs that. Like I just melted when I saw Q in the A$AP hoodie and varsity jacket! Love it! Press fuckin play and en-fuckin-joy!!! 

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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