Check out this video from Portland, OR based singer, Reva DeVito and DJ/producer, Roane Namuh for their track, Frozen! It's off the collaborative project, Cloudshine and the video is direct by Joe Aimonetti. Reva was described in the email as (and I quote), "D'Angelo & Janis Joplin having sex at a DJ Krush concert", which is pretty fuckin' on point! And Roane was said to "look like an Amish farmer who somehow got a copy of an NWA and/or Digable Planets cassette and it changed his life.", and that's pretty fuckin' awesome. Overall, Reva and Roane kinda remind me of Quadron but just a little more cheery and free. I like it. I like them. And this is like perfect music for the summer. The video is super cute and dope, makes me want to hang out in Portland now. Definitely check it out people, cause you that if it wasn't dope, I wouldn't post it. Press play and enjoy!

For more of Reva DeVito and Roane Namuh, check out:

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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