H.e.r. & Other Drugs.

New EP from MN to VA artist, Cello Kid titled H.e.r. & Other Drugs! Artist features include Will Moore, Steven Q, and Ataraxis. The EP is produced by Cello Kid himself as well. Here's a description of HAOD
"H.e.r & Other Drugs" is an abstract tale of addiction. "H.e.r" is the personification of music, the ultimate prized intention, and the ultimate drug. HAOD uses "h.e.r" and various other drugs as metaphors and euphemisms to depict vivid images of the real world from an artist's point of view. 
I really, REALLY like this EP. Reminds of some classic KanYe shit. Cello is really diverse as far of his sound goes. His wordplay was entertaining on this and the production is like perfect. He truly incorporated the theme of the project into each and every track. There is literally something for everyone to enjoy on this one. Cello Kid has definitely stepped it up and I'm already excited to hear what he has next for us! People, I know you need some dope shit for the summer, def check out H.e.r. & Other Drugs!!!

Cello Kid's H.e.r. & Other Drugs EP
8.8/10 dope points

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