New mixtape from MI emcee, J.G. titled HMS98! Includes artist features from CrackKillz and J. Fin. Also includes production from TDeezy, Kharri, Lex, brandUn DeShay, Ace Boogie, and Nolan The Ninja! Project is presented by and and is hosted by DJ Mr. Rogers. 

This is the second project I've heard from J.G. and I must applaud the homie. HMS98 is really dope! Home Made Summer 98 as the title was perfect cause the 'tape really does have moments that remind me of summers in the 90s. It's like the 90s with a new twist. The production on here...THE PRODUCTION! Hot damn it's dope! Like I really need the instrumentals to some of these tracks because they are just too dope. But as for J.G., he has really stepped up since his last project. I'm starting to here the true artist in him and the hard work he put into this project bleeds through the speakers. He made a soundtrack for everyone's summer with HMS98. There's something for the homies, and something for the bitches in this 'tape. I really enjoyed this 'tape and it's even on repeat. So people, click the link, listen to it, download it, burn a copy for your car, send it to your friends, and enjoy your very own home made summer!

J.G.'s HMS98 mixtape
9/10 dope points

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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