Indian Summer.

It's here! New mixtape from CT's own, Criss Lyric titled Indian Summer! Criss gives us 22 tracks filled with amazing production and sick wordplay. Artist features include Al-Fatir, Jitta On The Track, Big Pat, Jigz The Flyer, and Noates. Production from All Mighty's own Zulu and Aviles, also from A-Nice, Walt Live, Captain Scuzzo, Half Amazin', and Jaynez! 

...Do you people know how LONG I've waited for this project to drop? Way too long! And now that it's here, I just feel like running around my subdivision screaming, "ALLLLL MIGHTYYYY!!!!" Lol But seriously, after Criss's epic LOUD:music project, I knew that the next project was going to be nothing less than amazing. And boy I tell ya, it sure is amazing! First off, he didn't just give us some little project to like. He gave us 22 (muthafuckin') tracks to love! It's like an Outkast album or something. Lol And even though each track has it's own feeling and story, all of the tracks together create such an amazing trip through the artistry of Criss Lyric. Salute to the amazing producers on this production, especially Aviles and Zulu, they killed it! And as far as Criss himself, ...I've told yall so many times not to sleep on him and his talent. He's so good at this rap shit, you would think he was one of the forefathers of the genre. He murders and buries everything. I am yet to hear a track from him I just couldn't fuck with. And everyone I let listen to some of his music, or they hear it while riding in my car with me, they fucks with him just as much as I do. I go so hard for Criss and All Mighty because they are that fuckin' dope. The talent on that team can't be matched, they will be legends in this game. But as far as the project, Criss, you did it again. You've created another soundtrack for my summer, thank you sir. Everyone else, check out this project and enjoy the journey. Then remember the name, All Mighty. #AHAM

Criss Lyric's Indian Summer mixtape
10/10 dope points

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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