New video from Azealia Banks for his track, Liquorice! It's off her latest release, 1991 EP. I love this video and it made me love Banks 10x more! I wasn't really into the song when I first heard it but after this video, it grew on me. Very fashion forward and eccentric with out being bizarre and have you thinking,"what the -?" And Azealia looked very pretty in the video as well. This is some boss shit. And apparently, Banks has stated that she has left the rap game-I hope that's a lie. She def one of the strongest females emcees out there right now. I think everyone is being anti-Azealia Banks due to all the beefs she seems to be involved in nowadays but you can't deny the girl's talent. I just think she has a bit of a 50 Cent mentality when it comes to the rap game, if you catch my drfit. Anyways, dope ass video, I love it! Enjoy!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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