Hey guys!!! *Waves at everyone aggressively* Es here for an update and some info for yall. This should be short and sweet but knowing me, I can make a memo into a 50 page essay. OOPS! Lol But just an update on this year's No Shade and  some info/clarification on WeAreDope! So check it out!

+Summer is here! And yes, you guessed right my friend, it's time for No Shade!!! Don't you just love this time of the year?! Well this will be our 3rd summer of doing No Shade and I want it to be bigger and better and overall, doper than ever! And it will be presented by myself and my blog family, ATLjunkie.com and 84area.com! And rather than having open submissions and (im)patiently waiting for artists to hit us up with track submissions, I decided to hand pick some blog favorites on here and request brand new, original tracks exclusively for NS3! Nope, not gonna drop any names, especially not till I got tracks from all of them but trust me, I picked some good ones. And I already got some tracks, so NS3 is in progress!

For those artists who still want to be a part of NS3, I will have open submissions during the last week of June! And here are the guidelines:

-Submit one or two, all new, original tracks to be appear exclusively on No Shade 3.
-When submitting, please put "No Shade 3 submission: (your name)" in the subject in the email.
-Only submit your track(s) from June 24th-June 30th! No sooner, no later. Submit only during open submissions period.
-Keep in mind that there is limited room on the project and only about two tracks will be chosen from the open submissions. So come at me with your BEST track(s)!
-Producers and DJs are welcome to submit original mixes, remixes, and instrumentals as well!

To the artists I did contact for NS3, I will be emailing you soon. That's all you need to know right now. Lol Also, I'm trying to get some No Shade merch on and poppin this year! Will probably print some tees and hoodies up for the NS3 artists and affiliates but I will def put some up for sale, so yall can rock with the movement as well!

+Now let's talk WeAreDope! First off, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who has checked out the series and loves it as much as I do! The positive feedback and stats from the series is really motivating me to keep it going and growing! Thank you to ForteBowie, DeVon Hendryx, Nadia Aboulhosn, and Dulce Ruby participating in the series so far. It means a lot to me. But yes, just thank you to everyone who supports WAD, it's truly amazing.

Now, here's some clarification on how WAD works, cause I keep getting all kinds of questions about it and how people can be featured and stuff, so I'm going to clear it all up for yall. WeAreDope as of right now works two ways: 1. Interviews 2. Exclusives. When it comes to the interviews, I have a list of people I am curious about and actually have questions for. The reason I do it like this is because I don't want to interview anyone and everyone and ask mediocre questions. So to avoid that, I made a list, checked it tw-a million times, and go about the interviews in that order. So you can't really ask me to interview you, cause I might not have any questions for you. I hope I'm making sense here, =/. But yea, that's how interviews work. And I will always add and subtract to the list but for now, I'm pretty much sticking to it.

Now the other way to be a part of WAD is through exclusives! If you have a single, video, mixtape/EP/album, or any other form of new work you would like to premiere, you can do so through WAD! By premiering your work through the series, it will get promote via my Twitter, Tumblr, and of course the blog. An icon will be made for it and will be placed on the side of the blog and on the WeAreDope page. And I'll promote it like crazy. So far, I premiered two videos from artist, Mic Smitty and we got quite a good response. I really would like to get more exclusives going for WAD because I like to promote stuff and I'm really in the mood to promote some really dope shit right now. And yes, it has to be DOPE! Nothing less! So even if I don't interview you any time soon, you can still be a part of WAD through the exclusives section, which is just as dope as an interview, cause you get me as a promoter for you-no charge! Lol

I hope that clears some things up for everyone and I'm looking forward to working with you talented humans more through the WAD series! And I will keep everyone updated/reminded of what's up with No Shade and hopefully, we can set a release date for the 'tape sooner than later. Happy summer to all of you! Now back to our (ir)regularly scheduled blogging. ^_^

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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