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Well look what we got here! We got another WeAreDope feature!!! See, I told you guys I wouldn't let this blog series flop! Lol Well this particular interview is wayyy overdue! So when I started WAD, this amazing woman was one of the first names on my list! I really enjoyed doing this one and I really hope you all enjoy checking it out! So uh...ENJOY!

You know how you get on Tumblr and there are these girls on there with the flyest outfits, perfect hair, amazing bodies, and just the prettiest faces ever and you jump a little inside every time their photos pop up on your dashboard? Don't you just want to be them? Well in the times before Tumblr, there was MySpace and Dulce Ruby was that amazing girl to me. I remember going on Dulce's profile, which ALWAYS had these fly ass layouts, and just getting lost in her portfolio of gorgeous and bossy photos. Once I truly got the groove of this thing called blogging, I featured Dulce through my TheGirlTheyCallEs Presents... blog section cause I just felt that everyone should know about this amazing young woman on a mission. And till this day, I still that way. So on one recent night, Dulce and I got up Skype and conversed like two old friends who've been meaning to catch up. So I present to you my conversation with Arizona to NYC to LA model, actress, writer, and so much more, Dulce Ruby!

Interview after the cut!

Dulce Ruby: Es <3
Es: Heyyyyy the sweetest gem! How are you?
Swell darling, yourself?!

I'm great! Thanks for doing this interview!
No problem, anytime! It's been far too long. I swear you and I have been virtual friends for almost a decade now, Ha! You were certainly one of my first friends on Myspace.

Right??!! Since the days MySpace was like poppin!
Pshh, beyond it! If I could bring it back, I would! Lol

I was always obsessed with your layouts! Lol
Aww haha thank you, I was too. ...Literally, OBSESSED! I'd go days without sleep perfecting codes and overlays Lol. Definitely a major input to my finances as a teen in HS. Lol I loved making pages. I have a lot of them saved still... And screen shots of my best! Lol Funny going back and reminiscing. Anyhow, sorry... Myspace talk totally veers my attention.

Okay, first question! At what age did you start modeling and was it something you always wanted to do?
I started off technically I'd say at 13-15 locally in AZ, doing small gigs here and there for small boutiques, hair shows, promotions, etc. Then worked my way up into ads [and] magazines. I had always loved the idea of fame, I suppose. I wasn't sure then what I wanted exactly and I thought modeling would be a gateway into anything else I'd eventually venture off into.

Well the modeling world is a competitve one. That never scared you off? Are you the competitve type?
At the time, I just wanted to be known. The thought of being on magazines and TV was my dream, and I literally did everything in my power to figure out how to do so and make it happen! Being young and attempting something so far fetched was tough, but after the "fame" portion of the dream was eliminated, and I grew up, I really wanted it more so for myself as an individual more than anything because of how far I felt I had already gone in my mind. It is definitely competitive, but that's why I continue to pursue what I love. Competition, in itself, means it's a challenge. I love me a good challenge and I really feel it has helped build me into a stronger individual in life. I'm not competitive at all, I actually detest competitions for the sake of fear of failing, but you can't live life in fear, and not attempting something because you believe you won't succeed, prosper, or grow. [It's] down right aiming to fail already. At the end of the day, if you don't win, at least you tried, right?

That's dope and I think many people can relate to that.
I know way too many individuals who are too scared to go after their dreams, and it makes me sad for them honestly.
What do you think is the biggest misconception of being a model?
I think the biggest misconception is that it's all fun and games. Sure, it IS a lot of fun, and there are games here and there along with perks, but it's not as glamorous as it comes out to be-That's just what you see. There are a lot of things that go down behind the scenes, a lot of work that goes into every shoot, etc and even more so drama, tedious hours, jetlag... Etc etc. Plus, a lot of time away from home - it's truthfully a gift and a curse. I would trade my life for the world, but that doesn't mean I don't make sacrifices. More now than ever with acting actually. Lol

Do you act as well?
Yes ma'm! I moved from NYC to LA just a couple months ago. Felt it was time to move forward with my career and grow. Acting had always been something I loved and wanted to pursue but it's a tough industry to just flat out jump right into, so I started off with building my name or empire per say (Haha) through modeling, networking etc and now in Hollywood taking classes with and from some of the best!!

Dopeeee, did not know that! Multi-talented, let me find out!
Yes! Slowly but surely, trust me - I did a lot of drama, theatre, plays, etc starting off young and through high school and now getting back into it out in LA is awesome

NYC is like the perfect place to re-discover yourself and become motivated. Was the move to NYC one you always wanted to make?
Oh no, NYC was definitely a beautiful spontaneous decision. I had just graduated from HS and had a bit of money left over from my family/friends that I'd been gifted, my good friend was going to visit her family out there and invited me...one week after graduation we were set and off on our supposed one week adventure across the country. As soon as I landed I was blown away. I fell in love, and never looked back. Seriously, I called my dad a few days into the trip and told him I would not be coming home. I stayed for almost 5years! Lol just now moving back to the west coast this year again. It was pretty insane, and most people still can't believe I'd do something so sparatic, but it was the best decision I have ever made.

That is awesome! I wish I could "escape" like that! A new evironment is always inspiring! So what has been your favorite job, as in modeling and acting, that you have done so far?
My favorite job so far would have to be my shoot with Rony Alwin, it was my first shoot in LA in a very long time so it was great to get right back into it as soon as I arrived in town - it was really fun and he's a great guy! His gf and I have become friends as well, and since we're all the same age, it's been great to have that sense of REALNESS and fun, natural shooting when working with people you're comfortable with. I also shot for American Apparel recently, def in my top 5 shoots of all time.

What could make a photoshoot be really bad, or rather, uncomrfortable for you?
A bad photoshoot consists of bad vibes. It's always the worst having to act a certain way, for example, super happy, energetic, full of life for commercial, lifestyle or anything for that matter, when the photographer or anyone on the team/crew is giving off bad energy. If someone is upset, rude or just rubbing you the wrong way in general, it really can affect and take it's toll on you and the shoot. And that's your JOB so you can't exactly have that show, or it will come out in the images or reel and that is not good, at all! The best thing to do when something occurs is just like with anything else in life, and not let it affect you. Avoid or look past whatever it is that is bothering you because it can definitely cost you your job, or if anything that client. Haha, yes!!! Can I be honest?!

Tell'em, Dulce-TELL THEM!!! Lol Well speaking of vibes and energy, I watched a video of you a while back that had some footage of a photoshoot you were doing and you were playing some music from The Weeknd. What’s your favorite music to listen to while doing a photoshoot?

I hadn't shot lingerie in a very long while, had just gotten over a relationship of 4 years, and I wanted to ROCK THE HELL OUT OF THAT SHOOT! The songs from that mixtape [House Of Balloons], one specifically, definitely gets me because of specific situations/events/details and what have you from the very case of the ex, so I had to listen to it while I shot some of my sexiest (in my opinion of course) shots I had ever done. Kind of my way of saying, thank you for the ammo. As odd as it may sound, I really used that to get a feel for what I wanted to exude at that shoot. So to answer your question, Lol, I listen to whatever I feel necessary to set the mood for the shoot. Or to set the tone. If it's a fun, lively shoot where I need to be amped and smiling, etc, I'll play something that does just that for me, and so forth with other specific shoots. I have playlists now for shoots categorized by what the feel/theme of the shoot will be. I once listened to all Kanye albums in one shoot, I loved it. I actually get so into it sometimes they have to turn it off. Lol Shots with me singing are not good for use. Whatever though, I love Ye. Lol

Hahaha, yes KanYe makes music that always seems right in every situation. I listen to College Dropout and Late Registration when I study, ironically. Lol
Haha nice! Both of those are amazing def on my most played.

I think KanYe knew he had a model following when he spit the line "DJs need to listen to the models, You ain't got no fucking Yeezy in your Serrato?" on his last album. Lmao!
Seriously, I would be so disappointed! Lol

Now, I know you did some work that was feature on the artwork of a Chase N. Cashe project (I believe), have you/would you do any more work that is related to music, such as a music video?
Haha, Jesse!!! Yes, yes and yes! Shout out to the homie Chase N. Cashe, I have nothing but respect and love for him - he's going places, mark more words! One of the best producers and rappers in the game, can't wait for everyone to see that. I would certainly do more work related to music, I have a lot of friends who work in that field and I've done a few videos, etc here and there truthfully and have turned down a few more but all in all it's all love; I support my friends and want them to success because they're all so great at what they do, positive influences and deserve every bit of light that comes their way! I am pretty close with a lot of talented people, And I love all that they're doing. It's a movement and that's what makes it great.
Dulce Ruby x Chase N. Cashe x Cherry Collaborative
Yea, being friends with talented people and being able to be a part of their work through your talent is a beautiful thing! We see you model many different looks, describe your own personal style.
Yes I model a lot of different looks it's great! I love playing dress up! That's probably my favorite part...my style when I'm just hanging out with friends, home, etc is actually a lot like most of my newest works. I've been fortunate enough to work with some of my favorite designers, lines, etc as of late so what I wear there I actually have in my closet! Recently, I've been really into prints, im all over the place though, wild stuff from pastels to neons - my favorite stop when I fly back up to NYC is always Topshop and LF... Dimepiece, Joyrich & Unif are my go to's in LA. Thats me right now.

Is there a brand out there that you would really like to work with?
I think as of right now I hadn't really ben focusing on my modeling even though it keeps coming back to me lol the shooting never stops! I have been soooo blessed to shoot with brands I'd always dreamt to, but I suppose as of right now, if there were a brand i could shoot for and in reality see myself booking - it'd have to be something outside of clothing...definitely. If I could choose, I'd really love to do a spot on a commercial for coca cola - that's my dream and goal, make my daddy proud with a coke commercial lol Sounds insane, but seriously... I think that'd totally do it for me. If not that far fetched.
Dulce Ruby for TheCamoProject.com
That is awesome! I would have never guessed that but I would like to see you do your thing with a Coke in hand! Lol
Lol thank you!

Who’s a photographer that you would really like to work with?
I think I must work with Terry [Richardson]. And soon, I love his work and he seems just as insane as me so I'm sure we'd get along just fine lol

I think you two would make some dope work together. Yea, that needs to happen asap!!!
Will do, mark my words girl. Lol I've got this!!! :)

You mentioned acting before but besides modeling and acting, do you have any other passions or things that have always kept your interest?
My writing is my life. Seriously, if I could literally name the top 5 things I enjoy, would have to be writing, food, films, music and fashion. Always kept my interest. And all somehow tie together perfectly in my life right now, I love it!

You're on the come up but you've got lots of experience and are very well on your way to making an established name for yourself. For the millions of girls out there aspiring to be models, what advice do you have for them?
BE YOURSELF, ALWAYS. Beauty can get you places, but it can only take you so far - personality, being humble and working hard is key!

What is next for you in the future?
Breaking into a new industry, a lot in the works and can't wait to unveil what I've been working so hard on for so long ! <3

I'm excited for Dulce and her successfully future! Get familiar with the name and face now, cause she's bound to be major. Dulce is truly one of the sweetest people I know, no wonder she the Sweet Gem! ^_^ Here's a colleague of more of Dulce Ruby's work and candids! 
For more of Dulce Ruby, be sure to check out:
And to be honest, you should google her too. She's doing it big!
Interview done by: Es Famojure
Edited by: Es Famojure
Original photos by: Rony Alwin, Cherry Collaborative, and others via dulceruby.tumblr.com & Dulce's MySpace
Graphics by: Es Famojure
Featured on: TheGirlTheyCallEs.com (WeAreDope)

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