Channel Orange.

New album from Frank Ocean titled Channel Orange is now available on iTunes! Artist features include Odd Future brethen, Earl Sweatshirt, John Mayer, and Andre 3000! I suppose the 7/17 release date is for the release of the physical copy of the album. 

Damn Frank, you that nigga. This album is dope. It's raw, soulful, and gives you chills. All the different vibes of the songs mesh well together. I really enjoy his songwriting on this album. For a R&B album, lyrically it slaps you in the face with reality and raw emotion. And I fucks with that. And he truly showcased his range vocally too. I was listening to the album like, "You better sang boi!" He just killed like every other R&B artists' career with the color orange. He's so damn historic, I tell ya. And I will say that this is very much a summer album. I'm sure we could all appreciate the album during other seasons, but it feels so right playing this with the sun shining bright in your face, sipping sweet tea, and watching people enjoy life. And he did mention on his tumblr that the color orange reminded him of the summer he first fell in love, hence the album title and artwork. So yea, this is summer feel good music. 

And the features are beyond dope! Loved Earl on Super Rich Kids. John Mayer's guitar rendition of White is so fucking sexy! And oh Andre 3000, just epic on Pink Matter. Loved his verse. Overall on this album, I smiled, I danced, and I teared up. I feel this album, in my heart, soul, and mind. There is not much music out there nowadays that will do this to you. And that's why Frank has such a strong, solid following. His music and overall being touches and like, heals you. So glad this album is finally out and I need to see this god perform live. I need to experience him. Do we really need to do a rating for this album, people?! You already know what it's going to be...

Frank Ocean's Channel Orange album
10/10 dope points ...duh, nigga!
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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