Failed Utopia.

New EP from producer/emcee duo, Almost Always titled Failed Utopia! Almost Always consist of producer, Corey Arnell and emcee, Curbside Jones. Artists features include Jake Lloyd, SPZRKT, and Rob D. I would summarize the overall concept of the EP, but the duo did such a good job or it, I'll let you read what they said:
The general concept of the album is a question that plagues most people, "If you had a second chance to live your life would you do anything different?" The album takes place behind the eyes of someone who has a second chance at life and describes stories, events, and scenarios that he sees differently during his journey. The subject matter consist of- failing to find perfection, getting looked over by someone you are attracted to, abuse, attachment to technology, losing time that can't be recovered, and how race and religion can affect how one views their life and how others may view them.
I really enjoyed the vibe of this EP. The production, lyrics, and melodies all work really well together which shows the dope chemistry Corey and Jones have creatively. There were tracks that had more energy than others but all the tracks flow so well together. And to have a nine track EP and be able to cover all those subjects without the project sounding like a clusterfuck-I applaud them. I enjoyed this and I think yall check it out, you would enjoy it too!

Almost Always' Failed Utopia EP
8/10 dope points

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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