Fools Gold.

Check out this EP from Houston, TX duo, Dirty & Nasty titled Fools Gold. It includes artists features from Mic Skills, John Dew, Kam Franklin, Hollywood FLOSS, Kyle Hubbard, and Khama. This EP is full of soul and trill to the core. It reminded me of how much I love the music that comes out of Houston. Their sound is so distinct and you never have to think twice of where the artists are from when you listen to the music. Dirty & Nasty hit me up recently and presented their music with me and I'm kinda mad I'm late on the Dirty & Nasty train. I think they're dope emcees, putting on for their area, and their style is versatile. I love their energy in their music and they have a way with words. I enjoyed Fools Gold very much, so I highly recommend you all check it out! And be sure to check out the Chopped, Not Slopped version of the EP by OG Ron C!!! 

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