New EP from Iggy Azalea titled Glory! It's a 6 track project that includes features from B.o.B, TI, Pusha T, and Mike Posner. Many have been waiting for this project which is a taste of what Iggy has been cooking up since her first release, Ignorant Art

I must be honest, I wasn't the biggest fan of Ignorant Art. I had a few favorites on there but I was really ready for another project from her so I could enjoy that and act like IA never happened. So now, we have Glory and I must say this project is rather interesting. The project seems to have lots of different vibes and there's only 6 tracks. I suppose this is Iggy showing us all sides of her as an artist but for an EP, it can come off really confusing and clusterfuck-ish. And as a fan of Iggy's, I really wish she would venture out and work with some doper producers. I think better production would inspire her to truly go in and make some art like she is aiming to. 

Overall, Glory is alright. Not what I wanted from Iggy and not even what I was expecting. I'm still waiting for her to show us what she has to offer. I feel like she is 100x better than what she has been giving us. I don't know what or who is going to pull that artistry out of her but I'm hoping it happens by the time she releases her debut album, The New Classic. I love Iggy, Based God knows I do but I really want to be amazed and speechless when I hear a project from her cause I know she's capable of doing it. But that just hasn't happened yet.

Iggy Azalea's Glory EP
6.8/10 dope points
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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