No Shade: 3rd Summer.

...And as the end of the first half of the year came upon us, we experienced the 3rd Summer of No Shade. Yes people, it's here! The hottest summer mixtape series, No Shade is back for it's 3rd summer and is presented by, and! It's the perfect soundtrack to your summer that connects with every emotion and vibe you will feel as the sun beats down on you this season. The storytellers this summer include Criss Lyric, ForteBowie, J.Nolan, Pharoh, SUBMiT, DeVon Hendryx, Madeaux and many, many more! Production from GREATeclectic, Rieces Pieces, MVIAB, Abstract, Reese Jones, and more truly sets the tone for the project. During this 3rd summer, we truly aimed to give the people a high quality project that they will remember for a long time. Artists gave us brand new, original tracks exclusive to the project which really raised the standard of what a summer mixtape can be. I hope you all enjoy this 3rd summer of No Shade as much as I do because we do this for you. So grab some refreshments, lay back, and press play and enjoy the journey of No Shade: 3rd Summer.
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And yall know I have to do Thank You's right? Right.
+Always and forever, thank you to my homie, Rahk who blessed us with the name of No Shade 2 summers ago. And there's still "NO SHADE AROUND THIS MUTHAFUCKA!!!"
+Thank you to Miya and Sheldon for supporting and believing in this series as much as I do. I love yall and I got yall!
+I would like to thank Nadeje McArthur for giving me suggestion for using Do The Right Thing for the interludes! You girl, are dope! 
+Last but far from least, I want to thank every single creative and talented being who made this project what it is: J.Nolan, Reese Jones, The Soulstice, Phil The Thrill, Abstract, MoXiie, GREATeclectic, Acafool, Rieces Pieces, Ken The Coolest Nerd, Kingpin Beats, CASH, Shawn Hoesa, Pharoh, SUBMiT, Cashtro Crosby, Mohamed Haniff, Criss Lyric, Zulu, Levi Watson, Madeaux, Aris Sparks, Jimmy Astro, FreddsDEAD, MVIAB, Jiraiyaa, ForteBowie, and DeVon Hendryx! I love all of you and thank you for allowing us to present your dopeness to the people. You truly inspire me. You are No Shade!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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