No Shade:3rd Summer Artwork + Artist Lineup Preview.

Oh my lovely friends of the interwebs! I got a treat for you! Due to your anticipation and my excitement for the release of hottest mixtape this summer, No Shade: 3rd Summer, I have dropped the official cover of the project! Just like last year, No Shade will be presented by myself and my blog family, and We are the No Shade brand. Cover was done by yours truly, Es! Fun fact about the cover: While I was waiting for my brother, Forte Bowie, to come home from work on a hot Atlanta afternoon, I stared up at the blazing sun and decided to take a picture of it. As I took the picture, the sun shined extra bright, which made my photo this deep orange. And if you look really hard at the cover, you can even see the orange clouds. So I decided to incorporate my original photo of the sun with some beautiful ladies. Sunshine x trill bitches, there's no better combo than that for the summer. 

Below, I have put together a preview list of the artists who will be on No Shade this summer. Keep in mind, it's a preview and there many more names to be added to the list. Shout out to the artists who have already submitted tracks to me and shout out to the artists still cooking up that dopeshit for the project. I love you all. I hope everyone is as excited as I am for No Shade this year, because I am hype as fuck for it! Got any questions about the project, hit me up via email at or via twitter at!!!
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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