Something Borrowed: Ryan Hemsworth.

New EP from Chicago's own, Duke titled Something Borrowed: Ryan Hemsworth! It's the first installment of his Something Borrowed series where he takes on released instrumentals from producers. For this EP, Duke took on talented Canadian producer, Ryan Hemsworth and some of his work. Within 5 tracks, Duke takes you through an amazing journey as he puts his spin on Hemsworth production. 

I really like this project! I'm a sucka for artist/producer projects. I think Duke really took on the vibe of Ryan's production well. Like he matched it, rather than trying to make it something else. I think this was well done and a creative idea for a series. I wonder what other producers Duke plans on taking on for this series. But I really like it, it's a gem! Definitely check it out!

Duke's Something Borrowed: Ryan Hemsworth EP
9/10 dope points

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