The South Gon' Hold It Down.

For those hoping that this will be a serious post, I'm sorry, it's not. I use to do posts like this a lot on my blog but I realized how important this blog was to some people, so I reduced the amount of ratchetness on here to a minimum. But this post is exception. 

The homie, DeVon Hendryx decided to mess with me this Sunday evening by tweeting me epic yet ridiculous videos and this gem above just so happened to be one of them. With the title, "The South Gone Hold It Down Samuel L. Jackson Mike Jones and Soulja Boy", I already knew I was going to love it! And boiiiii, do I love it! Clearly Samuel L. Jackson, Mike Jones, and Soulja Boy aren't in this video, but we got something even better. We got four country ass dudes spittin' their hearts out for the Southside of wherever and the South in general. This is ratchet perfection at it's finest. And the hook, THE HOOK! Like DeVon said, "That nigga put his soul at stake when he sing" I'm soooo getting that hook as a ringtone. Could you imagine my phone ringing with the hook while I'm at work or something? EPIC!!! 

But please, watch this video for the stake of shits and giggles. I was in tears and uncontrollably laughing while watching this. 

God Bless the Ratchet. God Bless the South. 'Cause we gon' hold it down.
The South gon' hold it downnnnnn!!!
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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