New mixtape from Virginia's own Phil The Thrill titled #VAlien! Sixteen tracks of pure Phil The Thrill with production from Sir Henry, Abstract, Gramatik, and more. Phil really was on a mission with this 'tape, so I'll let him tell you about it:
Valien....It's what I've become over the years. Being a VAlien is not solely about being from Virginia. It's about accepting who you are in a society full of so many people trying to fit in. With this project I wanted to give people something to feel proud of, relate to, and enjoy life to all in one. As long as one song touches somebody then my mission is complete. We are all VAliens.
 Phil always has great energy on his projects but I really think he made sure to give us different vibes on each track. He showed more of his versatility as an artist. He continues to refine his style and challenge himself and his growth as an artist shows. I'm glad Phil is finally understanding what is needed in the game and discovering his purpose. Dope music from a dope artist that we can all enjoy. Click the link, press play, then download and enjoy!

Phil The Thrill's #VAlien mixtape
9/10 dope points

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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