New EP from singer/songwriter, Cheri Coke, and producer/rapper, Melo-X titled the X/COKE EP! It is a collaborative EP amongst the two artists after being fans of each other's music. They say its "the brain child of late night sessions at the Bermuda home studio in Brooklyn." I've always loved Cheri (formerly known as Cheri Dennis, back when she was rocking with Bad Boy). I even remember singing her song, So Complete for an audition. That song was my shit!!! And I live for Melo-X and his music. So these two artists coming together and creating such beautiful and trill music is so amazing to me and I appreciate them for this. This EP is really dope and as I was listening to it, I didn't want it to end. Cheri's sweet and soulful voice matches so well with Melo's heavy bass, astronomic production. I wish I owned an art gallery or a dope ass boutique so I could blast this EP all day, it would be perfect! So you try to get through the rest of the week and prepare yourself for the weekend, click the link and check out the X/COKE EP!

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