New mixtape from CRASHprez titled CRASHvillainy! With 22 tracks of CRASH fucking with your conscious mind and feeding wisdom into your subconscious. Features include Defcee, SIR E U THE GREAT, and Chick Gaynor. With snippets of stand up comic routines, Donnie Darko, and even Bill O'Riley rants, CRASHprez gives you something you may think you don't want but actually really need-reality.

This is CRASH at his best. In CRASHvilliany and much of his other work, there's wisdom, reality checks, lyricism and even some humor. Actually, there's lots of humor. This project makes you feel like someone slapped you and than you smiled and thanked them. I think the perfect like tagline for this project is CRASH's opening line to Swaggerton's Motif, where he asks,"You uncomfortable yet?". It takes a lot more than a pair of fully functioning ears to truly hear what he's saying. 

Dude is young but he has more to say than emcees twice his age. Lots of emcees talk about how they are "what the game is missing" but I think CRASH is the missing piece to the Rap puzzle. With this new wave of young emcees making it big (quickly), I think a few true gems get looked over and CRASHprez is one of those diamonds in the rough. I've been following this dude's career for a while and he has always presented great music to me but with CRASHvilliany, I am truly impressed. I hope the right people catch wind of this project because when they do, blessings and much more will come CRASH's way. So, for all of you asking for "Hip Hop with a message", let me introduce you to CRASHvilliany. Enjoy!

CRASHprez's CRASHvilliany mixtape
9.7/10 points

Here's the video for his track, Safe Deposit! Video directed by mattVISTA.
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