Cruise Control.

New mixtape from Motorcity Maz titled Cruise Control! 14 tracks of Maz with features from CrackKillz, Brittany Stoney, Breanna Barnes, Nolan The Ninja, Stefon Lyon, and more! With production from The Kizzler, JOAT, Rico The Beat Bully and more.

This is the first full project I've heard from Maz, besides the collaborative project with CrackKillz, II Kings. I was anxious to see if he could hold his own, on his own. It took a while for me to really get into the project at first but once I got to track 6, Band-Aid, it was a wrap! That track could be on the radio all over the country-he needs to do a video for it! But after that track, I was all into the project and it really took off from there. Some tracks made more of an impact than others. I felt like Maz had more energy and was into it more on some tracks verses others, as well. But I like that he approached the making of this project as if it was an album, cause most artists say they do and the project doesn't show that. Cruise Control feels very much like an album. I also liked the Detroit's Lyon interlude with Stefon Lyon. I thought it was dope that Maz gave Stefon that time to shine. Production on the project was really good as well, word to all the producers. In conclusion, Maz did his thing and yes, he held his own. This is the first of many projects from him I hope and I'm sure they will just keep getting better and better. Click the link and enjoy the ride, people!

Motorcity Maz's Cruise Control  mixtape
8.5/10 dope points
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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