Enough Said.

New music from beloved R & B goddess, Aaliyah featuring Drake titled Enough Said! It drops as news of a new Aaliyah album is in the works and may even be executive produced  by Drake. I like the song and 40's production on it. I would love it if Drake wasn't on it. I really don't like him out here like he's the only Aaliyah fan to ever exist (getting two tats of her and shit) and somewhat taking over her legacy. And I'm really not a fan of the idea that he'll be executive producing this new album from her. The people who should be dealing with any of her music is Timbaland, Missy Elliot, and the producers Aaliyah worked with. I'm all for new Aaliyah music with production from dope producers of today, but when it comes to putting this album together and executive producing it, leave it to those who did it  in her previous albums. Cause Drake is gonna come and make this album sound like a Drake album rather than an Aaliyah album, and that doesn't need to happen. Anyone who knows me knows I absolute love Aaliyah, she is everything to me and I don't want Drake to start using her name and legacy for propaganda-ain't nobody got time for that. But good song minus Drake. I swear I'm not being a hater. Lol Enjoy!
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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