The Poolhouse.

New mixtape from LA emcee, Hardaway Smith titled The Poolhouse! It's his second project out and is mainly produced by Corey G. Also includes a feature from fellow LA artist, Graze.

I just love being introduced to new and dope talent. Hardaway Smith is really dope and he proved that with The Poolhouse. First off, I love how this project was presented as a movie, especially with that artwork. That's ill. PH is the type of project you listen to when you're grinding and when you're just chilling. It's what I would call "Anytime, Everyday" music. The project just has a dope vibe to it overall, and Hardaway comes off like one of your homeboys you chill with, which makes you comfortable and enjoy the music more. This is my first encounter with Hardaway and his music but I like it and I feel like he has something special. Until his next project, I think everyone should click the link and visit The Poolhouse!

Hardaway Smith's The Poolhouse mixtape
8/10 dope points

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