New video from SUBMiT for his single, Grady! It's off his upcoming project, Window Seat! Video is done by Tristan Ervin of Chasing Squirrelz Inc. I am obsessed with this song! I'm a sucker for straight dope verses, no hook type tracks and SUBMiT just murdered it! The evolution that I'm seeing in him as an artist is amazing, and only success and other blessings can come from that for him. SUBMiT, amongst others, is one of those artists I really go hard for because he really puts a lot in his music and refuses to give the people bullshit. And I can appreciate that, especially if we're gonna get amazing tracks like this. Dude said, "Swear that I'm the illest in Atlanta, Grady" -do you realize how dope that line is? Hot damn, that's a hell of a reference. Niggas need to stop sleeping on my boy! Lol But ill performance type video. I love the outfit too by the way. Window Seat is out 11.11.12!!! Press play and en-fuckin-joy!

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