(indulgent) delusions of grandeur.

Check out this new EP from WunderTwinz titled (indulgent) delusions of grandeur! WunderTwinz is comprised of NY based singer/songwriter Boreas Matthews and visual artist/musicial extraordinaire, GREATeclectic. This 5 track EP is a fusion of the creatives' unique styles, which in return produces what seems to be the perfect soundtrack to the coolest dream you will ever have. The title of the project truly fits the music. This is my first time hearing Boreas Matthews and I must say, he is something special! And GREATeclectic showed how versatile he is when it comes to his production. I love the collaboration between these two artists. It's unique, funky, and a good escape from the norm. So for anyone looking for something totally different, check out the WunderTwinz's (indulgent) delusions of grandeur!

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