Schizophrenic DJ.

New video from Smokey Robotic for their song, Schizophrenic DJ! The video is directed by T.S. Pfeffer and Robert McHugh. When listening to SR's music, it's an amazing trip through energy and your own emotions but when watching their videos, they take you to a whole other dimension of time and space! I think that saying this is trippy, is an understatement. And quite frankly, a word that is probably overused when describing SR and their work. Smokey Robotic is truly in a league of their own. They continue to push the boundaries and will have you asking yourself, "So what is 'normal' again?". This is an amazing band comprised of truly dope and talented artists and they only get better and better at their craft. Amazing video, awesome song. Press play and enjoy!
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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