All Gold Everything.

New video from ATL rising star, Trinidad James for his hit, All Gold Everything! It's directed by Motion Family. Now before any one of you say something about how late I am on this-hush! I watched it the day it dropped, and a few times after that. I wasn't blogging at the time due to my busy schedule but I made a promise to myself that I would post it! And plus, I know there is someone reading this who missed out on this video and may not even know who Trinidad James is. So here I am and this is my post. 

Had my first encounter with Trinidad James' work when I was sent the mp3 of this song. I listened it, I fucked with it, but then I kept it moving. Then my bro, ForteBowie was like, "Oh yea, I got a song with him. Shit is crazy!" I'm like, "Ooookayyy, we'll see." Their song, Southside, is not only actually crazy dope but that shit blew the up in the city. Next thing you know, I'm going to these shows where Forte and Trinidad are performing and they kill the stage every time they perform the song at! 

I will admit, it took me a good month and a half to understand the artist, Trinidad James and the obsession people have with him. To me, he's one of those artists where you have to see them perform, hear the music, and just look at him to get a full appreciation of who they are. You need to get the complete picture or you won't get it. Whether people want it to happen or not, this guy is going to be legendary. He honestly has what it takes and he takes this music shit seriously. He's only going to get better, people-"Don't believe me, just watch." He said it himself! But if Trinidad James is ever in your city for a show, do yourself a favor and attend that show. He has one hell of a set and he goes HAM. 

He's an awesome dude, very humble, and one hell of performer. So check out the video, goggle him, believe the fucking hype-I hate saying shit like that but yea, believe that shit. ENJOY!!!! Nigga, nigga, nigga...
'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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