New project from Nomad titled Nocebo! It's his first full length project and production is done by rMell, noMell, and Nomad himself. Features include 431, Rezon, and Ezel Skylark. The project is diverse in subject matter but there is overall easy going, feel good vibe throughout the project. It's like mood music with a kick. I love the use of the samples, like that sample in Won-Up-what song and artist is that? This is a solid release from Nomad and just by listening to it, I can tell he really put a lot of himself into it. Nomad has never sent any work that was weak to me. It may not always be a favorite of mine but whatever it is, it is quality work. But I really fucks with Nocebo and I feel like you all will too. Check it out, vibe out, and enjoy!

Nomad's Nocebo LP
8.8/10 dope points
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